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Is Microsoft Office Obsolete Joe Wilcox Thinks So And He Might Be right

Is Microsoft Office Obsolete Joe Wilcox Thinks So And He Might Be right

by Joe Wilcox and Evan Hansen, CNET ... I think Jobs's maneuver will go down in history as the final straw that broke the ... So after almost seven years, Slate could be the exception that ends up ... Hey, Steve Jobs was right. ... Microsoft is preparing a new test version of its upcoming Office 2003.... Right? In a word. No. This is going to be huge. Painful. Expensive. ... The Microsoft Office 2007 Upgrade Is Going to Have a Big Learning ... to create compatibility issues, analysts such as Joe Wilcox of Jupiter Research, told eWEEK. ... But it might not be, and it's important to think about your choices.. 5 Minutes with Joe ... There are lessons other bloggers or journalists can learn from my ... So here are some, but by no means all, of the bigger hitters, ... Interestingly, I did a Microsoft right list and right and wrong lists about Apple, too. ... Microsoft Office is obsolete pulled reasonably good pageviews, but.... "With open source, I can make systems work where closed-source software just won't," said ... with open-source alternatives to Microsoft's Office, such as Sun Microsystem's StarOffice. ... So I think that's going to happen with Linux," Cherry said. ... user in Utah state government that Linux is the right desktop choice for them.. I think its safe to say that even the people who didn't suffer it on a mobile ... Just look towards the take-away style menu of Windows 7 or Microsoft's office application? ... buy Microsoft products, so to them I would ask, please correct anything in this article ... Maybe there's some small hope for Joe Wilcox yet.. Office XP works so easily that it's made Office Assistants like me useless. Obsolete. And, I'm told, hideously unattractive," Microsoft has Clippy.... If anything, I would argue management is baffled that other ... Microsoft executives appeared stunned to learn the company had so many ... You don't think so? ... In mid-April 2003, Corel shipped WordPerfect Office 11, which comes with a ... But then owner Novell couldn't seem to get the product right or.... Automatic Recovery: Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher, and Word periodically save open documents in the background so the latest revision can be opened if an error.... In the article, he proclaims that Microsoft Office is obsolete or soon will be. He writes ... Joe Wilcox thinks so and he might be right. Joe Wilcox.... By Joe Wilcox ... If you have disabled JavaScript or you can't see the embedded poll, please use this link. ... So if an event on Facebook or Evite is compatible with the extension, a green plus ... In January, I posted "Microsoft Office is obsolete, or soon will be," which ... I'm always serious about this stuff, and I tend to be right.. i think joe wilcox is right on the money with why google has made the ... access over the web. indirectly this could effect microsoft's office suite, ... so what about (12:43pm est mon mar 13 2006) ... was never a serious search engine until they bought teoma. i think they're obsolete. if you.... Microsoft doesn't think the upgrade hassles are a problem, since more than ... the same upgrade rates as Snow Leopard, and he's probably right on that one. ... People like Joe Wilcox claim that the release of Windows 7 will put a stop to the ... Microsoft sells operating system licenses and office software.. Mr. Jay Greene: Microsoft sees strong Office and flat Windows in quarter ... Mr. Joe Wilcox: Microsoft Q1 2012 by the numbers $17.37B revenue, $5.7B profit ... That is a lot of commas and a lot of zeros, so it may be easier if you view it ... I think we should come right out and make our tablet very similar to the.... Joe Wilcox at eWeek explains why Microsoft might want to get out ahead of the OSS movement in serving ... (Yes, I know that some software packages do the right thing. But it's discouraging that so many software/OS/font combinations don't.) ] ... Microsoft Windows and Office are massive sellers in the UK.. He's playing off this post by Om Malik, who thinks that Android won't be that much of a ... Put another way, it's Windows Mobile done right," Malik says. Wilcox is one of those folks who believes that smartphones are going to ... Microsoft mistakenly believes the business market needs Office running on PCs. I.... Well, it can still be revived, of course, but this is an important and expected step. ... Joe Wilcox thinks that Steven Sinofsky is the new Steve Jobs. In a way, he is right; ever since Steve Jobs stepped down, Microsoft lost one of ... if he hadn't boasted publicly that his web browser will make Windows obsolete?. The second is the extent to which Mac Office is able to support certain ... Microsoft, it doesn't make much sense (which is why people like Joe Wilcox ... As unfair as I think John's reproach is, I think it would be equally unfair to ... based on AFP 2.2 and is so buggy and outdated that recommending its use is.... Drop comments like, "It's way cheaper than a convertible, right? ... As long as Microsoft can make money on its Mac business, it will stay in the ... Lots of Unix and Linux users need it, so it's highly probable that a strong ... use software other than Microsoft Windows or Office - you should be very afraid. ... by Joe Cellini, Apple

Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) is a concept touted by Microsoft and ... or complete as they thinkor as their vendors would like you to believe. ... "Nobody's infrastructure is the same, so it's unrealistic that you could ... that fits everybody," says JupiterResearch senior analyst Joe Wilcox. ... Office 365 Watch.. By Joe Wilcox | November 1, 2002 -- 13:00 GMT (05:00 PST) | Topic: Enterprise Software ... "We've taken a step backward, so to speak, by blocking external content when you ... When content is downloaded in spam e-mail it can act as what is known as a ... "I think Microsoft errs on the conservative side when it comes to...


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